Outbound Investment
The boom in China’s economy sees the growing number of domestic companies seeking to expand strategically their businesses overseas. As they say “look before you leap”, it is critical to be conscious of the particular business environment and regulatory system in target countries before investing. We are here to assist you with various stages of all investment projects in coordinating with foreign attorneys and authorities, mitigating risks, avoiding unwanted surprises and arriving at timely and effective solutions.
We assist clients in various aspects of their outbound investments including, without limitation:
·         Conduct research and evaluation of the legal and regulatory environment in target countries
·         Advise clients on suitable forms and objectives of investment in target countries
·         Select and coordinate with foreign counsels, coordinate with in-house counsels, financial advisers and
           other intermediaries
·         Design investment structures
·         Advise on domestic approval procedures
·         Conduct business credit checks, including property summary, financial analysis, credit rating, directors
           report, shareholders report, etc
·         Cooperate in due diligence exercises and conduct legal risk management
·         Prepare, draft and review all transactional documents
·         Participate in negotiations
·         Design tax structure to achieve optimized tax efficiency     
·         Advise on corporate governance and ongoing compliance issues
·         Advise on labor & employment issues
·         Protect IP rights through filing and prosecution, non-competition agreements and confidentiality
           agreements and the development of IP enforcement strategies
·         Assist clients with disputes concerning unfair competition
·         Provide consultation services concerning antitrust policies and regulations within target countries
·         Assist clients with project closings and post-transaction issues
·         Advise on cooperate restructuring, dissolution and liquidation