Foreign Investment
Investing in China can be a touchy issue, as it often involves business parties with greatly distinct values, expectations and modes of thought. The multiplicity of languages, culture and standard business practices adds up further to the complexity. At Beshining we bridge the gaps in communication, culture and value and help to arrive at mutually acceptable solutions.
We assist clients with every aspect of their direct and indirect investments in China involving the establishment, operation, management and compliance of wholly foreign owned enterprises, Sino-foreign equity joint ventures, Sino-foreign cooperation joint ventures, research and development centers, regional headquarters, and representative offices. Our key services include, without limitation:
·         Prepare required application documents and conduct feasibility studies
·         Coordinate and communicate with various governmental authorities
·         Prepare legal documents in connection with purchase, lease and renovation of land, factories and
·         Assist clients in conducting strategic negotiations with relevant Chinese parties
·         Assist clients in handling the matters related to intellectual property, employment, environmental
           concerns, foreign exchange, customs, tax, etc
·         Coordinate board meetings, supervisory board meetings and general meetings, prepare board
          resolutions and relevant documents
·         Maintain company registrations and filings, execute renewal and change of licenses
·         Conduct business credit checks, including property summary, financial analysis, Industrial & Commerce
           archives, credit rating, company and directors report, etc.
·         Carry out due diligence investigations and provide due diligence reports
·         Assist with M&A deals, including design of transactional structures, preparation of all relevant
           transactional documents, post-transactional supports, etc
·         Assist with matters concerning restructuring, dissolution and liquidation of foreign-invested enterprises