Volatility in the financial sector often exposes market participants to high risk and uncertainty. Our experts are here to help you navigate through the complexities in financial markets by offering strategic, technical and commercial advice.
We provide legal services for a full spectrum of financial institutions with respect to the following:
·         Advise on commercial loans, syndicated loans, credit loans, and secured loans
·         Advise on export and import credits and other trade-related financing
·         Assist with issuance of public funds and bonds, including corporate bonds, short-term financing bonds,
          medium term notes, enterprise bonds and bank debentures
·         Advise on debt restructuring, bankruptcy reorganization and disposal of non-performing assets
·         Plan, draft and file asset securitization and seek approval from authorities
·         Assist clients with financial leases in domestic and local markets
·         Advise on matters in connection with compliance, risk identification and risk control system building
·         Provide ongoing support in relation to incorporation, management and M&A of financial companies
·         Assist clients in issuing convertible and exchangeable securities
·         Resolve legal issues concerning financial futures and options, equity derivatives and other equity-
          related products
·         Assist clients with infrastructure and project financing in various sectors
·         Provide counselling service involving commercial papers and letters of credit