Labor & Employment
Following the rising cost of labor and proliferation of labor-related litigation in China, the stakes in getting labor related disputes resolved in an amicable and legitimate manner are at their highest. At Beshining we provide informed and integrated advice to help you anticipate and avoid problems from recruitment to retirement, as well as represent clients in dealing effectively and sensitively with trade unions and collective bargaining. We think on our feet so that you don’t have to.
From the conference room to the court room, we provide clients with labor law related legal services, which include, without limitation:
·         Prepare, review and revise individual and collective labor contracts
·         Prepare, review and revise training agreements, non-competition agreements and confidentiality
·         Prepare, review and revise employee handbooks
·         Advise on compliance of corporate internal employment policies
·         Provide training to employees on labor & employment law, compliance, anti-corruption and protecting
           clients’ trade secrets
·         Advise on declaration and payment of social insurance premiums, transfer of social insurance accounts
          and other issues related to social insurance
·         Conduct strategic planning of de-risk mitigating solutions, structure pension schemes and advise on
           merger and winding up of pension schemes
·         Advise on transfer or placement of employees in the event of a restructuring or M&A
·         Prepare strategies and plans for economic and other kinds of layoffs and conduct negotiations with
           affected employees
·         Provide legal services related to trade union law, including representing clients in collective bargaining
           negotiations and managing disputes with trade unions
·         Resolve labor-related issues on employee outsourcing contracts
·         Assist clients with mediation, arbitration, and litigation of labor disputes, including, without limitation,
          employee remuneration, non-competition, confidentiality, termination of employment, dismissal, layoff,
           work-related injury, overtime pay, sick leave, maternity leave, occupational disease, etc.