Beshining stands amongst the skyscrapers in central Shanghai, overseeing the Lupu Bridge spanning the glistening Huangpu River like a rainbow. Transportation is convenient to our firm; we are easily accessible via bus, LRT, underground or by foot.

The firm is a spacious office loft occupying approximately 1200 square meters; featured with curtain walls, the office is luminous with sunlight. We have three multimedia conference rooms which comfortably accommodate a large seating of 100, and is used for holding large meetings, business negotiations, academic seminars and professional trainings. Our facilities also include a reading room containing voluminous legal resources in Chinese, English, Japanese and various other languages. The kitchenette and bar offers an incredible panoramic view of urban Shanghai and the Huangpu River, and a sanctuary to those seeking silence and peace in the busy city: there is no better way to unwind than sitting back and feeling the pleasant warmth of a cup of tea whilst putting the mind at ease.

Beshining is not only the place we devote our expertise, experience and passion; it is also the place you can lay your trust.

We humbly plead allegiance to our clients, and we dedicate to every client's success.

Beshining is always ready to greet our clients and friends with welcoming arms.