Intellectual Property
Many of our lawyers have scientific backgrounds and hold advanced degrees in fields such as mechanical engineering (including mechanical design and manufacture, automobile manufacture, mechatronics, industrial automation, electronics precision machinery, material and metal heat treatment, casting, heat engine, construction engineering, environmental engineering, design, etc.), electrics & physics (including physics, semiconductor, electrical control, electronic circuit, electronic component, integrated circuit, measuring instrument, computer, telecommunication, wireless communication, microelectronics, display, information processing, image processing, microwave technology, fiber optics, photonics, software, network technology etc.) and biology & chemistry (including biotechnology,
polymer material, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, fine chemistry, molecular biology, agricultural chemistry, electrochemistry, electronic material, medicine, medical devices, environmental engineering, food, etc.). This means we know not only IP law, but also technical practicalities. We are thus able to weld legal and practical elements into bespoke commercial solutions.