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Definition of 弼(‘bi’)兴(‘xing’)
In ancient Chinese, ‘bi’ corresponds to ‘abbetten’ in Middle English, connoting a knight’s service to his Lord. ‘xing’ mirrors ‘prosperare’ in Classical Latin, which means causing to prosper.
Put together, ‘bi’ ‘xing’ conform to the ethics of the provision of legal services in China: a lawyer sees his clients as a knight sees his Lord; thus he swears his allegiance, courtesy and endeavour in furthering his clients’ legal interests and supporting his clients’ business.
 ‘Beshining’(‘be-shin’) is homophonic to ‘bixing’; also it is a coined word made from ‘be’ and ‘shining’, echoing the meaning of ‘prosperare’.This marks our humble aspiration in striving our little best for the betterment of the legal system and prosperity of the nation.
Logo connotation
The square frame iconizes that Beshining act on the level, within the rules, by the standards and for the justice.  
The radiating style symbolizes innovation, self-motivation and never-ending impulsion.
The white font signifies integrity, noble-mindedness and virtuousness.
The red background emblemize our passion in defending our clients’ legal interests.