Qiaoyun HE
2022-11-30 15:54:53   

Partner, Patent Attorney
Practice Areas:
Patent Drafting; Office Action Responding; Infringement Analysis; Patent Invalidation; Patent Search and Analysis
Technical Field:
Mechanical Design and Manufacture, Automobile Manufacture, Industrial Automation, Electronic Precision Machinery, Heat Engine, Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Material & Metal Heat Treatment, Casting, Industrial Design
Working Languages: Mandarin Chinese; English
Shanghai University   Mechatronic Engineering    B.Eng.
During 11 year practice, Mr. He has strong expertise in patent drafting, office action responding, patent search and analysis, requesting or responding invalidation and patent litigation in the areas of mechanical design and manufacture, automobile manufacture, industrial automation, electronic precision machinery, heat engine, construction engineering, environmental engineering, material & metal heat treatment and casting. In addition, Mr. He also has abundant practice experience in design patent cases.