Mark YE
2019-08-12 14:56:24   

Senior Partner, US Lawyer, US Patent Attorney, US Trademark Attorney
Practice Areas:
Patent Prosecution; Patent Practice and Enforcement; Patent Search, Strategy and Others; Trademark Copyright Protection; Counseling; Trade Secret
Technical Fields:
Mechanical Design and Manufacture, Automobile Manufacture, Industrial Automation, Electronic Precision Machinery, Heat Engine, Construction Engineering, Environmental Engineering,
Material and Metal Heat Treatment, Casting, Communication, Computer, Chip, Automation, Semi-conductor, Microelectronics, Circuit, Physics, Optics
Working Languages: Mandarin Chinese; English
University of Houston (Houston, TX, USA) Law J.D.
Louisiana Sate University (Baton Rouge, LA, USA) Chemical Engineering M.S.
Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, LA, USA) Physics M.S.
Fudan University  Physics B.S.
Information, Internet and High-Tech Committee of All China Lawyers Association   Special Invited Member
Mr. Ye has 6-year experience in oversea research work and 19-year experience in oversea IP law practice. He was an engineer in Bechtel Corp. (USA) and later was an attorney-at-law and a patent attorney. He has strong background in science and law, and is very experienced in patent application, patent protection, patent research, infringement analysis, patent valuation and patent litigation.