Ling ZOU
2022-11-30 15:53:56   

Partner, Patent Attorney
Practice Areas:
Patent Drafting and Office Action Responding; Infringement Analysis; Patent Invalidation; Patent Search and Analysis
Technical Fields:
Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Fine Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Medicine, Food, and Biology.
Working Languages: Mandarin Chinese, English
East China University of Science and Technology Chemical Engineering  M.Eng.
Wuhan University of Science and Technology  Chemical Engineering and Technology B.Eng.
During 10-year practice, Ms. Zou is adept in patent drafting, office action responding, patent invalidation, and patent search and analysis in the areas of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, material chemistry, fine chemistry, analytical chemistry, applied chemistry, polymer chemistry, chemical engineering and technology, medicine and food. She won the second prize in the second China Patent Search Ability & Skill Match.