2013-04-19 09:55:57   


Senior Partner, Patent Attorney

Practice Areas: Patent Application, Patent practice and enforcement, Investigation of Patent Information, Strategy and Others

Technical Fields: Biology, Chemistry, Food, Medicine

Working Languages: Mandarin Chinese, English


Fudan University Analytical Chemistry M.S.
Fudan University  Chemistry B.S.

Over 12-year practice, she has handled hundreds of patent applications in the area of pharmaceuticals, chemistry, traditional Chinese medicine, food chemistry, chemical engineering and polymer chemistry. Additionally, Ms. Zhong has also been involved in various patent invalidation and enterprise patent counseling matters. Ms. Zhong is responsible for Domestic-to-Foreign Patent Department in our office. She is experienced in cooperating with foreign patent attorneys and help Chinese applicants successfully obtain dozens of foreign patents. In 2011, Ms. Zhong participated in a training course of US patent law organized by Birch, Stewart, Kolasch & Birch, LLP (BSKB), a famous IP firm in US. In 2016, Ms. Zhong participated in a training course of German and British patent law organized by Haseltine Lake, a famous European IP firm. Ms. Zhong has counseled hundreds of clients, including Shanghai No.1 Biochemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd, Shanshan Technology Co., Ltd., etc.