“Corex” Being Approved in Review of Rejection by Hankook Latex Gongup Co.,Ltd (Attorneys:Ying Ding)
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Case Information
Application No. 8345044
Class: 10
Applicant of review: Hankook Latex Gongup Co.,Ltd
Attorney: Ying Ding has represented Hankook Latex Gongup Co.,Ltd in application of review.
Since Hankook Latex Gongup Co.,Ltd was dissatisfied with the decision of rejection by the Office for Trademark No. 8345044 “COREX” (figure 1) applied and used in Class 10 in “Gloves for medical purposes, Pessaries, Condoms, Non-chemical Contraceptives, Knee Bandages (orthopedic use), Drainage Tubes for medical purposes, Supportive Bandages, Teething Rings”, Ying DING represented Hankook to file application for review with the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of China.
Reasons of rejection
I. The applied mark is similar to the preliminary approved and announced trademark “CAREX” No. 5187268 (figure 2) by Tianjin KangLei Science Trading Development Ltd.
II. The applied mark is similar to international registered trademark “CORTEX BIOPHYS IK GMBH” No. G884340 (figure 3) by CORTEX BIOPHYS IK GMBH.
Reasons of review
I. The words of applied mark and the cited marks are neatly lettered, which are readily identifiable. 
II. The applied mark is distinct from the cited marks in pronunciation.
III. There are obvious differences between the applied marks and the cited marks with regards to their meaning.
IV. There is no intentions for the applicant to intimate the cited marks.
Decision of review
According to the statement of facts and reasons by the applicant, the TRAB made a decision as: In accordance with Article 27 of the Trademark Law, No. 8345044 mark “COREX” was preliminary approved.
 Figure 1 the applied mark
Figure 2 the cited trademark No.1
 Figure 3 the cited trademark No.1